CLEN PW KOSMIC 1309 Hot water pressure washer 230V





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Versatile and powerful pressure washer for professional use. Easy to use controls on top of the machine. Adjustable water flow and pressure control.
The compact size and large wheels makes it easy to move the machine.

Water heater casing made entirely of stainless steel. Outgoing water temperature is precisely limited by the thermostat to the desired level. Robust
construct, quiet sound level. Automatic start / stop from the wash handle. The motor switches off with a delay of 20 s after closing the wash handle.
The pump is a legendary three-cylinder in-line piston pump with a brass pump head, ceramic pistons and stainless steel valves.

-Voltage 230 V
-Power input 2,5 kW
-Working pressure 30-130 bar
-Flow 280-540 l / h
-Pressure hose 10 m
-Boiler thermal power 37,8 kW
-Water temperature max 30-110°C
-Max supply water temperature 50°C
-Fuel consumption 3,2 kg/h
-Fuel tank 18 l
-Power cable 5 m
-Fuse 16 A
-Weight 80 kg
-Standard equipment: Wash handle with swivel fitting for hose and quick connector for lance, 90 cm lance with 15° nozzle, 15 meter highpressure hose
and water filter.
-Warranty 1 year in professional use, 3 years for boiler and in-line piston pump

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