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Accurate cutting result without bends or cracks

-innovative, extendable and adjustable blade support: versatile, for fast work, precise cutting
-the force can be precisely applied to the back of the blade without the risk of injury: the blade cannot be accidentally bent or broken
-strong and durable magnesium case: as light as plastic and as strong as cast aluminum
-blade stays secure thanks to high-quality blade lock: secure attachment when cutting, pressing and scraping
-original parts and high-quality cutting blades, two spare blades on the handle - can be replaced without tools
-compatible with standard 18 mm blades: smooth, curved and hooked blades can be used with the knife
-fits comfortably in the hand thanks to its slim shape and numerous grips: tight and non-slip grip, comfortable to hold
-flat, ergonomically designed separate sliding mechanisms for blade and blade support - mechanisms cannot be opened accidentally
-reliable blade holder: a pin made of hardened steel holds the blade firmly in place
-when the rear end of the handle is closed, the blade sliding mechanism and the blade cannot slide out
-fall protection loop attachment is suitable for KNIPEX Tethered Tools * system tools

-housing material: magnesium
-blade material: surgical steel, stainless, air-hardened.
-knife length 165 mm
-self-service package



Package size 1
Kuvaus Tuote